Evan La Ruffa

Writer | Curator | Strategist | Artist

I’m a writer, curator, poet, artist, strategist, nonprofit consultant, meditator, and macchiato fiend.

I love learning, travel, food, big ideas & open hearts, and as long as I’m being creative, I’m the happiest man alive.

I’m the Founder, Executive Director & Lead Curator of IPaintMyMind, a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to make art accessible to everyone. I’m dedicated to the arts, rethinking nonprofit development, & making the world a more connected & communicative place.

Whether editorial, copywriting, art or strategic thinking around entrepreneurship & the nonprofit sector, I have a blast collaborating with people & organizations that have ambitious visions.

I’d love to learn more about your project to see if we’re a good fit.

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I’ve written for outlets such as IPaintMyMind, Beautiful Decay, Profile Magazine, Hispanic Executive Magazine, Beinsports, & Mode Media. I also publish articles on Medium.com.

I love to write about art, music, culture, food, travel, business, strategy & more.


I work with entrepreneurs & small to medium sized businesses producing copy for websites, newsletters, landing pages, style guides, brand briefs, social media & more.

Photography + Illustration

I’m an illustrator & photographer. Check out my drawings & photos via the Instagram page or purchase prints of my photos on Society6.com

Nonprofit Consulting

I work with nonprofits to help rethink processes & growth potential by identifying revenue generating strategies that embed value in the mission. Through a customized strategy, I help organizations expand development to achieve the greatest impact.

Check out my nonprofit consulting services & rates.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Whether helping shape your brand, building your new website, writing copy for your newsletter or giving you the tools to stay organized, I love working with passionate entrepreneurs with big ideas to help achieve a cohesive & targeted presence.



Organic reincarnation

Spirituality is fun because it’s moldable. Unburdened by rigid constructs more commonly associated with organized religion, spirituality is personal. We can shape it, customize it, and incorporate science, psychology, rituals, and beliefs in varying proportions. To that point, I’ve never really thought of a persistent human personality as a logical extension of my own spirituality.…

Art versus Supply & Demand

Art isn’t amazing because every piece is 1 of 1. Sure, every original artwork is a product that births its very own market, but cost is not what makes art worthy or worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about artists monetizing and making careers of their creative expression, but art is valuable because of the experience it…

“I’m Not Fooled So Easily”

‘I’ve been listening to what you said And wondering if it could be true If it’s as bad as you say out there I’ll leave the going out to you … I’m not believing all I see Fabrications on T.V. Distort the news, feed us your views I’m not fooled so easily’ Listen via Youtube or Spotify.