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Intelligent or insightful?

What’s of more use, intelligent or insightful?

When you want to be right, intelligent is better. When you want to figure out what works, it’s insightful all the way.

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Time spent, impact created, value added

Up, up, up? Close, but not quite. Down, down, up? Nah, that’s not it either. Up, up, down? Surely, not.

Down, up, up? There we go, now we got it!

It seems like efficiency, mission, and solutions should be our focus. Less time spent, more impact created, more value added. We gotta work smarter.

I’m finding it’s all about proportionality. The more targeted we get, the closer we get to down, up, up.


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Being present

Over dinner last night, the topic of distraction and the present moment came up. We were mostly referring to the pace and self-importance so closely ascribed to people who are never where they are.

If I’m talking to someone, they’re thinking about their next or last meeting. If I’m on the phone with them, they’re clearly working on other things at the same time. If I send them an email, they glance at it and miss the meaning.

Our increased digitality has made this balance harder to achieve, which means we just have more opportunities to work on being present.

As I venture into fatherhood, I keep on reminding myself that lack of presence on my part isn’t an option. And as important as being a dad is, this level of care for the people we communicate with, even if they aren’t our children, is paramount.

We can feel when someone isn’t there with us, and it sucks.

Here’s to keeping our phone in our pocket when other humans are our present.

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Out of thin air

To all the artists, educators, designers, scientists, strategists, organizers, chefs, lawyers, botanists, writers, activists, entrepreneurs and anyone else that ideates, iterates, and delivers…

Thank you for making things out of thin air. (Poof! Existence!)

Creativity isn’t about paint, clay, or watercolor, it’s about thinking up a new way to do something interesting & valuable.


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Umm, what is digital strategy?

Facebook amassed users, then sold our eyeballs to the highest bidder. At first people thought that social media was this massive microphone, but decreased organic reach has significantly turned the volume down.

The idea went from getting “Likes” to figuring out how to make sure the people who had “Liked” your page could actually see what you were posting. The page turned, and people who had thought ahead were already creating great content via newsletters that were chock full of value.

I, personally, am annoyed at how long it took me to see the light with respect to this exact pivot.

The takeaway for me has been about making sure we’re agile enough to understand the platform (whatever it is), how it fits into our overall strategy, then see where it’s going and adapt preemptively.

The questions for any business owner with respect to digital strategy are:

  • What is our digital strategy?
  • What components does it include and in what proportions?
  • How often do we evaluate the strategy?
  • What indicators will we use to measure effectiveness?

And perhaps most importantly, how will this work best connect us with interested partners, collaborators or clients?

Outreach, marketing, and advertising are never free, and the cost goes up without a strategy.

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Steady over fast

My pops used to always tell me to ‘play the game.’ It always made me insane. As an immigrant, my pops learned to do exactly that, and he’s way less political or even out there as I am, so that worked for him and didn’t feel like a huge compromise. He was also part of a different economy, a different time in history, a different social mix.

I remember losing it in high school or college when he said that, a bit of a breaking point… I think it had to do with cutting my long hair to please an authority figure.

My deepest conviction, for some reason, was that being who I am is not something to compromise on, being a better version of who I am, is.

The question to me is, do we really even want to work, play, or commune with the people who will only accept us if we are a carbon copy of them? Why ‘play the game’ the gatekeepers have set up? Why curtsy when we can create?

I’d argue there is way more room to roam, be creative, and play our own game when we build projects based on models that don’t revere lottery logic. The tortoise and the hare, y’all!

I’d take steady over fast, any day.

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Maybe and no

I saw a quote the other day on Twitter that went along the lines of…

“Don’t say maybe when you mean, no.”

As I reach out to potential partners for IPaintMyMind’s Shared Walls™ program, this idea rings true. By a long shot, I’d prefer a clear NO than a false MAYBE.

This is an important idea. How often do we say the former when we mean the latter? Probably too much, even if our intentions are good. But to be fair, expecting others to mean what they say starts with each one of us doing the same.

No is a perfectly acceptable answer… especially when a false maybe is the alternative.

I’m going to try and get better at this. Wanna join me?

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You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you do…

Those times when a word or idea seems to circle back to you frequently, almost as if it’s taunting you, reminding you of its priority in the world.

There are a few thing to say here:

  1. I think those words or ideas circle back around to us because we’re focusing on them, not because they or it exists in greater proportion than anything else. Once you notice something, it becomes so obvious that you can’t miss it.
  2. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important. It is, to you.

“Youth” is the most recent example of this phenomena for me. The word came up with respect to my personality, then again with respect to my soon-to-be-daddyness, then through a song (cool kids, don’t be afraid of a great pop song), and finally through this film (which might be one of my favorite films ever).

The point is, it’s an indication of awareness.

So I wonder…

What’s been circling back to you lately? And probably more importantly, why?

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