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Don’t be the bureaucracy

If the answer is NO before we actually know that to be true, we’re the bureaucracy.

If dragging our feet makes us feel powerful, we’re the bureaucracy.

When creating roadblocks “because we’ve always done it that way”, we’re the bureaucracy.

When we pass along ideas we haven’t tested, we’re the bureaucracy.

If we only spring into motion when it benefits us directly, we’re the bureaucracy.

When we assume better can’t be done, we’re the bureaucracy.

The greatest antidote to red tape is selflessly disarming impediments to progress that we construct ourselves. Hell, we can’t rag on the bureaucracy if we’re helping it subsist.

Don’t be the bureaucracy.

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Letting our guard down

There’s huge upside to letting our guard down. My friend John once told me that he’s never had someone share as much of their inner, emotional experience as I have with him.

That’s either a compliment or a plea for me to shut up, lol.

But having relationships in which we can share that interiority is vital. I’m not suggesting we tattoo any insecurity on our forehead, but I am saying that we should treat these special relationships as the gold that they are.

Real connection comes from sharing more than merely the highlights. If we let our closest friends see our incomplete selves, we share hope for betterment while providing insight into another human being who’s (also) just trying to figure things out.

Lets share the stuff that shows we’re unsure.

It’ll help us all realize that we’re not the only ones wondering what the hell is going on.

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Calibrating for change

Every 6 months, I tend to mentally hit the refresh button. Whether it’s a turning point in business, a new project, an interesting prospect, or a personal evolution, I’m realizing that two things always float to the surface as I question what the hell I’m doing or what’s next…

  1. Efficiency – no matter what the next move is, I better be trying to get more efficient all the time. Doing  so puts me in the best position to make a decision, whatever that happens to be.
  2. Learning – to better move toward a range of possibilities, I need to always be learning, gaining new skills, and thinking about how value is and will be generated.

Regardless of who we are or where we’re going, getting better at what we do and staying open to growth areas seems like a solid way to put one foot in front of the other… especially when we don’t know what’s coming next.

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