I create, build, organize, curate, connect.

I'm bold, artistic, and unorthodox, and I smile a lot because I'm happy, engaged, and passionate about my work. I believe in a better world, I like to create new solutions and approaches to big problems, and I'm confident in my ability to deliver an exceptional result.

As an entrepreneur, I'm well-versed in a broad range of strategic operations and as a nonprofit professional, I'm bold about creating value & impact through innovative solutions.

At my core, I'm writer & curator, which allows me to creative direct and project manage around a common goal, campaign, business, or organization. 


“Working with Evan and IPaintMyMind has been nothing but a great experience for myself and for Altair. Evan as an artist is beyond talented but he is also great at running his nonprofit. I look forward to continuing to partner with Evan and IPMM.

- Sydney Church, Altair Advisers

“Evan has been super supportive in making our project come to life. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty, advocated for me to make sure my needs were met, and also took on multiple roles from the curation to project completion. And on top of that, with a great attitude.”

- Ruben Aguirre, Artist

“I worked with Evan last year when my company was looking for some art to hang up in the office. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. We loved his company's mission from the beginning- by making our office look beautiful, we were also helping schools have some great pieces as well.”

- Kimberly Buck, Hoopis Group

“Evan is a true visionary! With a brilliant idea and a drive to succeed, Evan has built IPMM from the ground up. He is an incredibly collaborative worker and a great communicator. Evan and IPMM will go far. “

- Katie Kurcz, Nonprofit Professional

“Evan is a dynamic, creative and visionary leader, adept at connecting people and organizations to the arts in meaningful engagements. His passion for work and compassion for people come together in a person of integrity and mindfulness.”

- Mike Klein, Author & Professor