Be it all / by Evan La Ruffa

Have you ever noticed that when we evaluate ways of being, showing up, our appearance, what we say, we often think more along the lines of ‘what kind of person does or says this, or acts this way?’

Sometimes we even ask this question before we ask what feels right to us.

The reality is that a lot of ways of showing up might feel authentic to each of us.

What we’re left with when it comes it personality, is a matter of selection.

As someone who has always naturally been extroverted and focused on relation, expression, and connection, it’s been interesting to moderate feedback, and then evolving into a space where I am way less impacted by how who I am lands with anyone.

I’m not dispassionate or flippant. I love people and connecting, but I am also good with who I am and who I am trying to be, which enables a ‘here I am, as I am, and I hope it lands, but if not, that’s OK too… I’m not for everybody,’ type of interior posture.

This also allows an awareness that helps me communicate in ways that I intuitively or factually know will resonate with a particular person.

It’s not compromise, it’s compassion.

It also means we can be whoever we are.

We can love comic books, ballet, Major League Baseball, hand-lettering, and peanuts.

We can be nerdy & athletic, funny & deep, artsy & math genius, extroverted & introverted, open & resolved.

We can have any identity & be anything, even connecting aspects of life that the mainstream might not understand together.

What I’m trying to say is, we can be it all.