Miles Morales / by Evan La Ruffa

I’ve become obsessed with the recent Spider-Man animated production featuring Miles Morales, the Hispanic kid that lives in Brooklyn who becomes Spider-Man.

The film is incredible on a production level, but hits home with story more poignantly than I have ever seen for an animated feature.

I’ve spoken with friends about how great it is, and more precisely, what representation means for inclusion & human potential.

The fact that Hispanic and/or brown kids all over the country will see themselves in a hero is one (massive) thing, but understanding how inclusion portends to blast humanity off into untold potential is the real story.

We live in a white man’s world, to the exclusion of so many important and evolutionary ideas.

What ideas haven’t been heard? Who needs to be at the table? Are the solutions we offer co-created by the people we serve?

Whether Miles Morales or the next gathering of collaborative minds we’re a part of, inclusion means sourcing the widest (best) range of incredible ideas & perspectives.

Miles Morales should have had a seat at the table a while ago.