Showing up... as ourselves. / by Evan La Ruffa

The world is a dynamic place. A series of Venn diagrams that create the way we are. Imprints, emotions, places, times, politics, people, and how it all comes together.

Some people are good at construction, some people are good at writing, some people are good at speaking, some people are good at baking.

And some of us have existed at the nexus of a serendipitous space in which being ourselves isn’t a chore, a choice, or a problem.

Having the emotional clean slate to be able to show up in any space exactly as we are, is something that sets us apart.

Authenticity isn’t typically seen as a skill one learns the way we learn how to manage software or build a project, but it is indeed a skill one develops.

If we have that skill, we MUST use it. Because no matter what we’re doing, it’s who we are… and it’s the biggest gift we can give anyone.

Once we fold that into our presence on a regular basis, we become nearly unstoppable.

People will want to come with us. We just need to be ourselves.