Purposeful / by Evan La Ruffa

No matter who we are, what we do, where we live, or what eyes we see with, there’s a disconnect when we don’t feel purposeful.

As I chatted with Len Samborski, Principal of the Adult Education Community Hub in Detroit, MI about our upcoming project installing art for their newly remodeled facility, I got the chills as he told me about the services and programs they offer families in inner city Detroit.

In that moment I thought to myself…

This is why I do this.

As much as I love working with artists and business leaders, and anyone who understands that art changes the world, it’s the moments when we’re working with teachers and community leaders, who are the backbone of their neighborhoods and cities, that I feel most purposeful, activated, engaged, positive, helpful, and connected.

Once we understand what makes us feel purposeful, it’s all about finding the nexus. Some place where ‘purposeful’ and ‘strategic’ come together.

It’s important that we isolate these moments so we know what we’re actually looking for.

It’s important because purpose + strategy is an antidote to the hamster wheel.