What The Hack? / 9 . 28 . 15 by Evan La Ruffa


Hey everyone... The gnarliest thing happened after I launched my new site... it got hacked. Major bummer. Sleepless nights and a lot of confusion, but it's since been resolved.

My blurred mug is back up at EvanLaRuffa.com, as is all the hard work I put in building the new version of my site. I'm very happy about that.

Particulars aside, I wanted to share some poetry with you.

I've written poetry off and on for 20 years, almost always giving way to the ebb & flow of inspiration. For some reason, while in Southeast Asia at the beginning of 2014, I started writing more poetry... a lot of it. Something about the sights, sounds, smells, flavors, and people kickstarted my tendency to combine words with rhythm. I'm happy to say that the trend has continued.

So, between thoughts & questions, I'll be sharing the ones I think 'succeed.' For me, it's about creating images subconsciously, then pairing that with rhythm. To be honest, I could care less about iambic pentameter or deconstructing poetry the way you might have in an English class... it's so much more about the feeling you get when the words come together in a new way. It's about possibilities and being open to them.

Whether a writer like Borges or a painter like Dali, both were focused on new ideas, realities, and options. In my funky little modern way, I hope to do the same.

One disclaimer... poems are best when read aloud, and/or when read slowly.....

So take your time. I beg you! Hell, even read this next poem aloud. An extra 15 seconds is what's needed for the words to do their thing. Please give them the time, they're so much more worthwhile if you do.

I hope you enjoy this something I wrote the other day.

I'll be in touch, Ev

- - -

9 . 28 . 15

wires invaded from 10,000 miles away, while just out of sight, resides a being who's planting positive intentions.

you know, seeds, effort. and a new way to uncover circles.

there's proof for either, coupled with a resonant experience.

a curated convergence where ideas & matter dance as we let them.

from dispassionate levelers to the happy mad man blissfully unaware of it all, the equation is... what we've been given, plus what we decide on.

in lieu of perfect information, let's be that.

1 . 16 . 14 by Evan La Ruffa


having taken a moment, having stolen a few even,

phrasebanks mix with ETA’s

and hummingbirds exceed optimal altitudes

saluting the child in all of us.


it’s not about being naive,

but fitting into our productive place.


sketches of all kinds

waft away like purple smoke

cast by artists,

heart vandals & color junkies,

saluting the wanderer in all of us.


it’s not about rewinding,

as lines not so surreptitiously

curl into circles.


Hoan Kiem thumbs up, and we move.

1.10.14 by Evan La Ruffa


perfumes that ebb like memories, mental antidotes

for a path traveled


aromas that remind

much more aptly than images,

while strangers smile

and world’s overlap


it’s not as much about

minding the gap,

as it is

falling in from time to time


leaving behind sanitized realities

so as to remind one’s self

that “easy” isn’t

the same as “good” jump. right. in.