Celebrating emotion / by Evan La Ruffa

In our culture, being emotional isn't nearly as valued as being logical. I've also found that saying someone "got emotional" is often used in a way that seems to reflect a lack of control, a weakness, or a vulnerability that is almost silly or worth pity. You all know me, so you know I go the other way on this issue.

When it comes to business or relationships, irrationality or blind adherence can get you in trouble. Miss the pattern because of emotion and it's hard to defend.

But what if being emotionally open helps you get the deal or genuinely connect with the person you're interacting with?

I think it always does.

"Getting emotional" isn't about over-expressing, gushing, divulging too much, or making one's self vulnerable, it's about creating a pathway for being able to see and communicate what is actually happening in a way that stimulates connection.

Saying what we mean, being fair, and opening up, is what emotion is all about.

I celebrate it.