Dadness... & other wild reality shifts / by Evan La Ruffa

On May 24th, 2016 at 2:32pm, Enzo Fox La Ruffa was born. In that moment, Lindsey and I became parents, and the axis of our world shifted. I mentioned to at least a few people in the lead-up to Enzo being born that I was excited to not be the focus of my ego's attention. Until now, sense of self had always only applied to me.

My autonomy, perspective, and purpose has shifted forever. If I was driven before, I really can't wait to see what I get into now. My life feels classified into two era's: pre-Enzo and The Era of Enzo.

It's amazing how a single event, person, realization, or shift can envelope an entire portion of our lives.

I'm excited to see what this chapter has in store.