Expression v Communication / by Evan La Ruffa

For those of us with opinions, it can be tempting to give way to our latest linguistic guitar solo. Passion turns into words and we get our point across. What comes into focus is our intent, as well as each one of our abilities to read our audience and understand what approach might be best. Even so, speaking with is different than talking at.

In my mind, expression is about getting something off one's chest, about making a statement and not necessarily being that aware of or interested in how it lands. The artist, creator, or speaker is in a position to express themselves, and they do.

Communication by contrast, takes the observer, listener, or collaborator into account a lot more. It's intent on sharing space instead of claiming it, and doing so in a way that invites the listener to participate.

Being aware of this has helped me pick my spots more, but it's also helped me show up to situations in ways that I'm prouder of.

Expression and communication each have their place. The question seems to be about whether or not we can remind ourselves when it's time for each.