Hopeful haze / by Evan La Ruffa

As the calendar flips over, many tend to think about making positive change in the year ahead. For all the focus areas of improvement one could identify, for me it's about intentionality in my relationships, focus in projects, and making time to get mentally and physically fit. For as much as we can get bogged down by the daily grind, I'm feeling good about this renewed sense of optimism. As the hopeful haze fades in the coming weeks and months, and it surely will, the question is less about how to maintain the discipline to meet and exceed every single one of our goals, and more about what we do to remain hopeful.

Pessimism is the heaviest of non-starters, immediately vanquishing possibility and leaning back on reduction.

But how do we remind ourselves that optimism is the only clear choice?

More importantly, how do you hit the energetic restart button? I'd love to know. I'm trying to build those skills.