How can we do, what we do, better? / by Evan La Ruffa


I realize it's a lot to do with cutting to the chase. Push ahead, experience, find, go, be, or do... right now! This resonant impatience is something that feels embedded in our own evolution. We don't want to be incrementally better than we were yesterday, we want to be fully delivered, and now, dammit!

I think this is about often getting caught up in viewing our end goal and as the entire point of doing anything. As I write this, I'm reminded that it isn't.

We all derive so much pleasure, meaning, and community from the process of doing the things in which we contribute & excel. That's precisely as much reason to improve what we do, as is the obvious upside of creating something great.

Whether it's my good friend Dan Koentopp who passionately & painstakingly builds custom guitars from scratch, or a company like Simple Green Smoothies that lives its mission so incredibly authentically, fulfillment & joy encircles the process of making the thing, and making it well.

The experience of building the solution is as valuable as the goal itself.

Feeling joy, growing our missions and serving our communities are important results. With that in mind, how can we do, what we do, better?

If we can sniff that out both individually and collectively, we'll make an indelible mark.

- - -

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