I'll live forever now / by Evan La Ruffa


  1. Click this link and press play in the Youtube video that appears.
  2. Then, come back to this page and read the first paragraph of lyrics while listening to the song.

'Miss Nina Simone, Jimmy Jones Missy Elliot musically were my relatives Never forget my Andre Papi mi casa es su casa Baby I made an entrée Maybe I make your moms plate Maybe we not gon' sleep tonight In the night you and I laugh about how you Gemini Already fried the chicken But leftovers was my inner thigh Nah I'm lying, I'm just playing You can read this book with me I'm trying to re-imagine abracadabra for poverty Like poof I made it disappear Proof I'm made of happiness Everything is everything But I still haven't paid my rent Ugly is ugly So molly makes me joyful now When I get down, I'm already up Molly the water, I keep the drink in the cup My druggy is druggy we just some kids out of luck Ooooh they ain't tryna' see me shine my shine A bullet on my time, my time Fuck it, I'll live forever now'

As a society, what experiences do we inherently validate? Even more importantly, what experiences do we inherently invalidate?

Should we be judging the experience or the context that produced it?

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