Kids know a lot / by Evan La Ruffa

Yesterday I participated in my high school's Career Fair as an alumn who was now an "Entrepreneur." Instead of talking at them about what I thought entrepreneurship was, I started by asking them why they were interested in knowing what being an entrepreneur meant. Answers ranged from wanting to create their own schedules, to being their own boss, or having some experience of a family business. Freedom, both creative & social, was central to their curiosity.

I joked that some days I feel unemployed, but I also reminded them not to worry too much about what they think they want to be or do now, but to collect info by testing things out. Finding the intersection of interest & value definitely came up a few times.

It made me think about the level of digital normality that existed when I was in high school versus what these kids have to work with. Instant publishing, social media, and digital tools a keystroke away.

The fact remains, there is no currency like being current. There is a potency in having it all out in front of you.

Today I was reminded...

The kids know a lot and I've got to be the one asking them the questions.