Never-ending upward trend / by Evan La Ruffa


Our ability to learn, understand, and mature mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, always increases if we embrace new perspectives, expressions, ideas, experiences or truths. It's an upward trend. The other day I thought about the number of books written in the world (and then applied it to records, films, travel destinations, etc) and I was nearly winded by the enormity of it.

So much has been seen, said, thought, created, and advocated for.

I'll never get to it all, but the process of discovery encourages that intellectual & experiential trend to pick up momentum.

As in... life is the chance to learn & grow, constantly.

So what if we approached more situations with that at the forefront than defending our current opinion?

As in... maybe we should at least be open to changing our minds.

The upside is a never-ending upward trend.