Organic reincarnation / by Evan La Ruffa

Spirituality is fun because it's moldable. Unburdened by rigid constructs more commonly associated with organized religion, spirituality is personal. We can shape it, customize it, and incorporate science, psychology, rituals, and beliefs in varying proportions. To that point, I've never really thought of a persistent human personality as a logical extension of my own spirituality. I used to think that meant I was somehow anti-religion or non-spiritual, but that changed after my study of buddhism, mostly Tibetan and Zen.

Since then, I've found a way to incorporate a scientific understanding of the decay of organic matter with the energetic chain that connects us with the future.

I call it, organic reincarnation.

When a body, organism, or person dies, in the most direct sense, our bodies return to the earth. As such, the cycle persists, regardless of what we believe about the continuation of our soul or personality.....

Earth, birth, death, earth, birth, death, earth.

To me, this has always been the most comforting of conclusions. Afterlife as framed through organized religion doesn't pass the mustard, but neither does an atheistic view that sees death as some type of end, at least for me.

No matter what we believe, it's cool that the earth feeds us and we feed it in return... whether during life or after, this seems like a good reminder for all of us.