Please, pay for legitimate news / by Evan La Ruffa

It's more important than ever that we pay for legitimate news. I highly encourage you to do so, whether through a physical subscription or digital access on your devices. We need to understand the perspective of the news outlets we read, compare and contrast them, know who owns those companies, and refrain from taking any outlet as gospel.

Most of all, we need to support good journalism with our hard earned dollars.

I have a New York Times subscription now and am loving it. It's as much about staying in touch with the world as anything else. Art, culture, technology, innovation, philanthropy, events, and more, a reputable newspaper is worth it.

To my point, honest, ethical, & principled journalism is endangered as a whole, and if we want things to get better, we're going to have to pony up.

We can also support real news by watching their content on Youtube via official channels.For those who don't purchase cable TV, this is a great way to support through clicks and views, since most popular Youtube channels are monetized.

Lets vote with our wallet. We don't have to wait every 4 years to be heard.