Plenty of doubt for everyone (let's embrace it) / by Evan La Ruffa

For as much as we hear about people building cool things and succeeding, there are 10x as many stories about the obstacles that created tension for people summiting their own mountain. To act as if there are plateau's where it's all figured out would be dishonest, but to act like there's no chance of getting to the top is just as unrealistic.

We're going to try things that work and others that fail, but if we surround ourselves with the right people, we have a much better chance of getting where we're going.

The reality is, easy has always been an option. It's the vocation part we're all striving for, no matter where our office is located or what yesterday looked like.

If we keep it 100 and share the less-than-certain moments, we'll achieve perspective and quite probably open ourselves up to the next good move.

After all, there's plenty of doubt for everyone (let's embrace it).