Pole position (a reminder) / by Evan La Ruffa

The one thing in which we have utter pole position is being ourselves. No one else is Evan La Ruffa, just like no one else is you. So why not fully embrace our greatest differentiator?

As someone managing a nonprofit & working on various other projects, there are always a lot of variables.

Things changing shape and size, shooting star projects that end quickly, waiting for approvals or funding, artists to wrangle, and all sorts of varying timelines, quantities, & plans.

Within that, I often experience utter confidence and extreme doubt. Sometimes in the same day.

The question at the top of this piece isn't about an open platitude, it's about processing the day to day in a way that hopefully yields insight and camaraderie for all of us.

Managing the uncertainty is about knowing that betting on ourselves makes a lot more sense when we're showing our true colors & thinking strategically.

Pole position + working smarter = what's up.

(a reminder)