Problem solving and creativity / by Evan La Ruffa

When we figure out new ways forward, we're being creative. The thing is, creativity isn't often associated with problem solving, and it should be. From a brass tacks perspective, how art fits into productivity, marketability, and business has been nebulous at best (if you're talking to your math professor). In fact, most of the time art's value is derided by those who don't think colors & numbers can mix.

But they can, and they do.

I'm not just talking about creative people earning a living designing, writing, & illustrating, or the fact that there are more working artists in 2016 than ever before...

I'm talking about the way most of us creatively problem solve every day. We do it with our children, at work, for the community groups we're a part of, or our neighbors.

Being creative is the ability to not only think outside the box, but to create new boxes and repeat the process.

If creative endeavors are how we breed a future full of problem solvers, doesn't it become obvious what we should be investing in?