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Time saved multipled by the number of times we save it by Evan La Ruffa

Every time we create a better system for doing what we do, we save time exponentially. It's not just about the one hack that saved 20 minutes when we didn't have a second to spare, it's about what systems can do for future efficiency. All of a sudden, one solution multiplies time saved by the number of times you save it.

Ts = time saved, TsF = time saved in future.

The equation is... Ts x # of TsF = X (total efficiency)

Now we're talking about total efficiency continuously expanding because of one solution or system.

If we've solved a problem once, why put ourselves in a position to have to solve it again? Whether email templates, chrome extensions, lists, workflows, calendars, or anything else, we have a lot to gain by eliminating wasted movement.

If you've come across any systems, solutions, apps, or anything else that has limited the need to solve for an issue again, please, hit reply and let me know about it!

I'll get us started with one...

Over the past few years I've become a huge fan of Boomerang for Gmail. It allows you to schedule emails as well as have them 'boomerang' back to your inbox after a designated period of time. Instead of juggling who you need to follow up with in your head, Boomerang does it for you.