civil rights movement

The Edmund Pettus Bridge by Evan La Ruffa

In college, I took a course with Professor Mike Klein that helped form and cement my views on American equality through deep learning, shared stories, and a visit to Selma, Alabama. His course about the Civil Rights Movement was something I feel every American should have the chance to experience. When we visited Selma, we worked with the community, participated in service projects, and bonded with people who shared our deep belief in equality, justice, and living up to our creed.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge was THE location of the culmination of the Voting Rights movement, and the events of that day, March 7th, 1965, became one of the keynote actions that helped swing the tide to achieve equal voting rights for Black Americans.

(Don't let people tell you rallying behind a cause by taking to the streets doesn't do anything.)

A few classmates and I got up one morning, went for a walk, walked over to that bridge and watched the sun skip off the river. The silence of the morning gave way to songs we sang together, and I thought to myself about how places have their own energy.

It's an experience I'll clearly never forget, but it's also a testament to collective power, belief, and action.

No matter where we go or who we are, we're all regularly presented with chances to be the change we wish to see in the world.

What will be your next chance to speak up? Will you take it?