damned if we don't

Questions of measure by Evan La Ruffa


No matter what we make, some people will like it and some people won't. This applies to everything from art to public transportation. For me, it's been awesome to realize that when I'm both passionate about a project (creation) and am helping someone (service), I'm at my best.

The issue ends up being which questions are used to measure the results.

There are the creative questions...

Did I like making this? Am I happy with the end result? Did it turn out how I planned, and if not, is it cool anyway? Did I learn something or improve by doing more of that thing?

And then there are service questions...

How did it serve? Did people enjoy it, gain perspective from it, or feel supported by it? Did it help someone? Did it make a difference?

If the answer to the majority of those questions is YES, I tend to think we're in the right place.