forest for the trees

David Bowie by Evan La Ruffa


To me, the truly great thing about David Bowie was how fully he gave himself to the things he was compelled to create. He had advanced thoughts about art, music, fashion, technology, & business, among many other categories, because he could see the entirety of an idea from every angle, then build it.

He could fully envision how the band should play, what should be worn, how the lights should be set up, what the cover of the record would look like, what the stage design for the tour should be, & what persona would fit best, all the while maintaining an inherently intuitive creative approach that never lost the forest for the trees.

He consistently had cohesive ideas about how all the parts would fit together to service the whole.

What can I say, I admired that about him.

In thinking about how one can best create and implement projects, making things that work, inspire, and elevate involves similar creative visions. It requires a preeminent idea about the end product & how to get there.

Simply put, David Bowie embraced his weirdness and unlocked his genius.

He proved that our freak flags are OK... and made some really cool shit in the process.

P.s. This article I read on pretty much sums up my sentiment. I also highly recommend Bowie's most recent record, Blackstar, which was released last week, just days before his passing.