From what to how by Evan La Ruffa


Increasingly, my thoughts are shifting from WHAT to HOW. My WHY is often clear, and it usually is for most of us. We're lit up by something and time stops when we immerse ourselves in that thing.

The issue is, time doesn't really stop.

While we've launched ourselves head first into the deep end of a concept, idea, or project, our excitement can obscure a rational analysis of how that inspiration should mature from initial idea to real thing.

My friend Levi and I often chat about the process of wrestling with inspiration and figuring out how it fits into the other things we're doing.

In thinking about the need for a system to help evaluate ideas and determine what energy we should give them, we began to think about the questions we'd need to answer to figure that out.

The fact is, our life-pie doesn't get bigger, the days don't get longer, and budgets don't increase on their own.

While time doesn't stop, there are always ways to work smarter, remind ourselves of strategy and be more calculated about the effort we give to the work we're so passionate about.

This thinking has resulted in the creation of a framework that will assist creatives, entrepreneurs, & business owners in taking ideas from gestation to implementation.

It's not quit ready yet, but it's exciting to think we might be on the brink of a project that could help us ask the all important question of HOW.

I'll keep you posted.