most advanced yet acceptable

Most advanced yet acceptable by Evan La Ruffa


I find myself reflecting more and more on the idea of expression versus communication. I'm thinking about how intent makes it one or the other. More on that, to come... but the in-between point, for me, is how that idea applies to solutions. As in, what am I, or are we actually proposing? Whether in business, our our passion projects, or our families, is what we do about us (expression) or them (communication)?

The quote offered below speaks to solutions and how we arrive at them.

When I turned this one inward, it felt helpful...

Til soon, Ev

- - -

"The famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy talks about most advanced yet acceptable (MAYA). It says that in every generation, you can push only so far, but then when you go a little bit further, you've gone too far. You can't take people so far out of their comfort zone that they refuse to accept what it is you're offering them."

- Allison Arieff, Editor at The Urbanist, in her interview included in the documentary film, Coast Modern

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