The Sistine Chapel, it is not by Evan La Ruffa

It can be easy to fall into the trap of being overly precious about our ideas. I can't tell you how many friends or clients I've spoken to or worked with who have hesitated to hit the launch button on a project because of a minute detail. The tendency is to protect our idea before it sets foot in the big bad world.

When I look back at how we executed our first few Shared Walls™ exhibitions at IPaintMyMind, it's hilarious. No systems, all passion, high cost, and tiny margins.

Now we have procedures, guides, systems, supplies, and support tools that help ensure we do the best job possible when hanging art for our partners.

Thinking back to Brian and I spray painting frames in his alley that we bought at a hotel liquidator feels like recalling an episode of I Love Lucy that I had somehow been cast in.

I realize now how great it was that we just went for it. If we had waited for perfect circumstances, we wouldn't have made real progress. It was all about trying the idea and seeing what parts of it worked and which parts of it didn't.

Launching is the first real test, not the end-product. For us, everything since then has been a process of iteration & there's still plenty of room for improvement.

One thing I know for sure... the Sistine Chapel, it is not.

No matter what IT is.