time recovery

If time eludes you, watch this by Evan La Ruffa


In looking for tools that might help take distractions off my plate, I came across this article & video, and thought you might get something out of it. So many people talk about how busy they are, not having enough time, feeling spread thin, scattered, or being generally overwhelmed by how much they need to get done in a single day.

Unfortunately, the way we work collaboratively, allows for tons of interruptions in our creative work. As a result, I'm on the hunt for some strategies or tools that we all might get something out of. It's an extension of operation 'time recovery', which is making me think more and more about distraction, potency, and creativity.

It was interesting to watch this video, because it mentions carving out half-days or even full days for projects, a strategy I've been honing in on as of late.

I'd be curious as to what your reaction is to this, and I'll get back to you once I find some things that can help us declutter, avoid our ADD, and find chunks of time to create the things we so desperately want to see come to life.

In addition to this video below, you can read up on one Google employees take on managing your time. It's a good one.

Operation 'time recovery' by Evan La Ruffa


Over the last 6-9 months, I've been kind of obsessed with figuring out ways to work smarter. Whether segmenting my time in new ways or finding certain hacks that help streamline aspects of my work, doing things more efficiently creates time, and that concept of creating time by getting my shit together has become a huge motivator for me.

I've been thinking to myself, how can I create a better system? How can I enhance operation 'time recovery', and spend that earned time doing the creative or connective things I love?

I'm not saying I've achieved some singularity of mind that keeps me entirely organized, but I am saying that we're probably kidding ourselves if we think that the current way we're operating is improvement-proof.

For 2016, I'm trying to batch-method things more. I'll let you know how that attempt at improvement goes.


In the meantime, if you discover tools, resources, strategies, or ideas that help you in your own time recovery, definitely share those with me!