The learning economy / by Evan La Ruffa

We should always be pushing out to make ourselves the obvious option once an opportunity arises. The thing is, standing pat never gets us there. Even though it's less than obvious, the least risky option is to try something, develop skills, and get to the point where we can make great websites, sales letters, or marketing strategies for the people who want a beautiful, functional solution.

This includes making some bad stuff as we hone our craft. We gotta get good before we get great, and as someone with a patience deficiency, this is something I'm always trying to internalize.

The learning economy rewards people who are constantly expanding their scope of knowledge, iterating, reassessing, and staying relevant. To that end, Udemy is one great way to add skills to our toolboxes.

We can rage against outside forces, demand that the clocks get turned back, and go kicking and screaming into a future with less options... or we can saddle up and get our learn on.