Unwavering UX + reduce the sauce / by Evan La Ruffa

The IPaintMyMind website has been down as we motor toward a new version of the site, and it’s been funny to look at the conversion rate of the email sign up that still lingers at the top of the page.

Despite no content loading on the rest of the page, we’ve been getting more newsletter sign ups than ever before.


Because the only thing you can do on the page is enter your email address.

It’s not fancy, it’s not even good. It’s functional, and the UX, or user experience, is unwavering. It dictates where you go and what you do. Clearly.

While I’d rather our brand new site be up now, I found this unintended UX test yielding a lot of perspective…

We have to be clear, concise, and direct. There are times for details and commas, but if we want our ideas to stick, we probably need to reduce the sauce a little bit.