Leading means asking questions / by Evan La Ruffa

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the safety of not speaking up. It’s easier to not step up, to not give more, to not mention the visible folly.

It’s easier to not put our necks on the line by suggesting a new path forward or a better strategy.

While doing so avoids some risk, it also relegates us to the tier below the leaders. And maybe that’s a good place for us. But leading means asking questions… important questions. It also means we actually have to be open to the answers and doing something with them.

Questions + Dialogue = New Answers = New Action = New Responsibility

Sometimes we don’t lead, not because we haven’t thought about those important questions, but because we shy away from real responsibility.

Questions mean leading, and leading means responsibility… responsibility for our perspective, vibe, skills, and contribution.

What questions have you thought of but not yet asked? Are you ready for the responsibility?