Personality testing / by Evan La Ruffa

Personality testing - is the practice of stepping back from the individuality of personage long enough to try out different ways of being.

All too often we use external data or imposed ideas about who we are as starting points for developing the rest of our-selves. The reality is, who we are is a mix of programming and choice.

We can decide to be the type of person who likes a ton of cream & sugar in their coffee or we can be the type of person who drinks it black. We can push buttons or we can follow rules and social mores. We can like cities or rural areas. We can prefer Pepsi to Coke. We can rise early or sleep late.

Most of these things are choices. We choose one, decide that’s who we are, and keep trucking.

But what if we decided we were the type of people who try new things on for size? Who view from different angles? Who appreciate differentiation to the rigamarole of habit? Who consider flexibility, variance, diversity, and newness as valuable personality traits?

We don’t have to pick reflexively. We can test.

After all, there’s no prize for never wavering… but there is a beautiful silver lining to discovering who we really are.