Switching costs / by Evan La Ruffa

Many of us have thought at some point in our lives that our scattered way of bouncing between projects was actually really productive.

There’s plenty of data out there now about how multi-tasking is really divided attention, which leads to lower efficiency, even though the maelstrom of consciousness might have us feeling as though we smashed epic amounts of work.

I have also noticed that I feel free and activated when I am able to move between projects. There’s a freshness of mind there that is invigorating, but I also want to make sure that my switching costs aren’t obfuscating an inefficient reality.

My wife, Lindsey, just told me about a Chrome extension called Dayboard that helps reduce switching costs by helping users focus on a concise to-do list while keeping us from the frivolous browsing that can derail digital work.

I have been thinking about short to-do lists a lot over the last year and I think this tool might help me get more efficient and impactful with my work.

I’ll test it and get back to ya. Lemme know if you use it and how it goes.