Democracy of tools / by Evan La Ruffa

Don't let people tell you that democracy of tools is a bad thing. More people having access to the resources that allow them to create is unequivocally good. This applies to agriculture, websites, and everything in between. Whether a machine supplants a plow or Squarespace supplants coding, anyone who says that democracy of tools is a bad thing is merely protecting what they perceive as their real estate.

They don't want more of us to be able to make things with better, more democratic tools, because it erodes their status & price point.

Don't get salty that a 12 year old with an internet connection in Bangladesh can build his own website, celebrate the next flattening of the earth through access.

More access means we're closer to better solutions, and that fact should help us all continue to learn and diversify our skills.

The future is decidedly against protectionism. Deride the future at your own peril.