Side 21, Track 103 / by Evan La Ruffa

A body of work is a timeline that amasses ideas turned into reality. It's composed of many points on a line. Thinking about it as a mosaic works too. In either case, we have a lot coming together to create the whole.

The thing about Side 21, Track 103 is that it's just another point on the line. It has a great guitar riff, thoughtful lyrics, and Questlove's iconic piccolo snare, but the weight we give it is about us, how it lands, and what we hear.

The Roots released 102 songs first. What they created throughout those tracks made 103 what it came to be.

When it comes to ourselves, we should forgive the songs we're critical of, celebrate the hit singles, and think about how the next track we make can most benefit from who we've been.

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