Does this idea suck? (A gift for you) / by Evan La Ruffa

It can be hard to tell. We often get started on building an idea before properly taking stock of the idea's HOW. What I mean by that is, we often glaze over key portions of implementation and start making. This can lead to frustration, false starts, and stalled projects. For folks like you and I, we always know our WHY, but we can't let that passion thwart tactical implementation.

This is something I experience often. I've also talked to a bunch of you about needing a way to vet what we're doing, which prompted Levi Baer and I to create something that we hope helps many of you build your next project by thoughtfully going from idea to reality.

Does This Idea Suck: A Framework for Evaluating Ideas and Making Greater Impact was the end result.

It's free and it's for people like us, who think, care, and make.

It could also help you decide not to undertake a certain project. If we're being realistic, that has to be one of the options. To that end, we built something honest that will help you be critical about 'the how'.

If you like it, all we ask is that you share it on social media, or send the link to a few people who it might help.

Thank you for being on my list, and for giving me permission to share with you.

It's been fun. Onward.