Life pie / by Evan La Ruffa

While I don't believe in fixed pies with respect to good will, effort, community, and connection, I do think that time is a fixed resource. While I've certainly absorbed ideas from people like Tim Ferriss and Jonathan Fields with respect to how living in alignment and focusing on value can hone one's efforts, there are still only 24 hours in each day.

That said, we have to make decisions. Some things need to happen, and thus, some things need to get cut.

Part of the inspiration behind Does This Idea Suck was needing to figure that equation out.

The pie of each day does not literally expand unless we're officially moving to longer days. (I think my sister in law, Kelly Fox, finds a way conjure up 30 hr days but I still don't know how she does it.)

To be honest, most of us could use some help discerning, strategizing, and figuring out what our top 3 priorities are for our morning, much less what activities, projects, products, and businesses deserve our time & effort day after day, and year after year.

Some of the questions might be, who else is helping or why do we think this will work?

Most importantly, what will our life pie support? How much can we give?