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Let's stay in touch by Evan La Ruffa


Hey, friends. You may have noticed that your emails often get categorized as either part of your primary inbox or as a promotion. Since I use Mailchimp to send out my newsletter, you are probably seeing my emails in your Promotions tab. The thing is, I'm not Groupon, an airline, a brick & mortar business offering a discount, or any other kind of typical promotional retailer.

While I do offer services & have art for sale, my newsletter has a lot more to do with unpacking ideas & questions that you might find value thinking about. As such, I'd love to make sure you get my emails, and there are two ways to make sure my emails show up in your primary tab:

  1. You can add to your contacts list, or
  2. In Gmail, you can drag any one of my messages to the Primary inbox. This is the most effective way to teach Gmail to deliver my future messages to your Primary tab.

As an aside, it was great to get a solid response to my offer from a few emails ago, & I'm excited to jump on a call with the first 3 people that responded.

More and more every day, I think about strategy. As in, how am I going to do what I want to do?

The what is fantastic, but the how determines whether or not it will work. I'm stoked to help a few of you get tactical about your projects.

Here's to big things in 2016!