recording processes

How processes help you create greater impact by Evan La Ruffa

Over the past year and a half, I've become obsessed with how IPaintMyMind does what it does. We're a small organization, so most of the time that translates to, how I do what I do. For every deliverable, event, piece of content, or communication, there's a process.

The question is, is that process on paper somewhere?

Creating a document that outlines every step in a process not only provides a way to communicate uniformly with team members, but it allows everyone involved to make those processes better. At IPaintMyMind, we've changed our processes constantly since first creating our Process & Procedure documents, and that's fine. In fact, they're supposed to change (if you've got your eye on the ball).

Most entrepreneurs hate to spend time mapping out these processes, but the fact is, doing so can increase impact, efficiency, and revenue significantly. Hell, I think we can all agree we'd like to be less scattered and more tactical.

It seems obvious, but it's hard to improve what we do when we don't know where we're at. Taking stock and recording processes is one of the better ways to streamline, save time, and kick butt.

After all, making greater impact is about refinement.