Think, speak, do. / by Evan La Ruffa

There's a certain audacity to thinking we can succeed. Most of the time, regardless of what we do, we're trying to make something from nothing. No small feat.

But to be fair, it's no more likely that we'll fail. Success and failure are two halves of the same coin and it seems like intent could go a long way in tipping the balance, not matter how we measure it.

Over the years, I've thought about the process of taking something from idea to reality. That's where think, speak, do comes in. In the most rudimentary way, that's how we take things from initial spark to final product.

First we have the thought. A solution comes to mind. And it's precisely this gap between thinking & speaking that trips most of us up. We hold back and keep the idea internalized, not letting it out into the real world. This is the "safer" solution in one sense, but we also risk more than we ever could by stifling our unique contribution.

If we can bridge that gap and speak the solution, making it happen is so much more realistic.

Maybe we have to wear our heart on our sleeve more.

Maybe we have to risk getting it wrong.

Maybe we have to think openly, annunciate clearly and get to work.