Youth / by Evan La Ruffa

You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you do... Those times when a word or idea seems to circle back to you frequently, almost as if it's taunting you, reminding you of its priority in the world.

There are a few thing to say here:

  1. I think those words or ideas circle back around to us because we're focusing on them, not because they or it exists in greater proportion than anything else. Once you notice something, it becomes so obvious that you can't miss it.
  2. That doesn't mean it isn't important. It is, to you.

"Youth" is the most recent example of this phenomena for me. The word came up with respect to my personality, then again with respect to my soon-to-be-daddyness, then through a song (cool kids, don't be afraid of a great pop song), and finally through this film (which might be one of my favorite films ever).

The point is, it's an indication of awareness.

So I wonder...

What's been circling back to you lately? And probably more importantly, why?